Artigos Publicados em 2016

Artigos científicos publicados em periódicos


Artigos publicados em 2016

  1. CORTINHAS, C.S. ; TOMAZI, T. ; ZONI, M. S. F. ; MORO, E. ; SANTOS, M. V. . Randomized clinical trial comparing ceftiofur hydrochloride with a positive control protocol for intramammary treatment of nonsevere clinical mastitis in dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, v. 99, p. 5619-5628, 2016.
  2. MARTINS, C. M. M. R. ; ARCARI, M. A. ; WELTER, K. C. ; GONÇALVES, J. L. ; SANTOS, M. V. . Effect of dietary cation-anion difference on ruminal metabolism, total apparent digestibility, blood and renal acid-base regulation in lactating dairy cows. Animal (Cambridge. Print), v. 10, p. 64-74, 2016.
  3. MENEGHINI, RAFAEL CEDRIC MÖLLER ; CASSOLI, LAERTE DAGHER ; MARTINES FILHO, JOÃO GOMES ; XAVIER, CARLOS EDUARDO OSÓRIO ; Santos, Marcos Veiga dos ; CAIXETA FILHO, JOSÉ VICENTE ; NATEL, ANDRESSA SANTANNA ; MACHADO, PAULO FERNANDO . How can dairies maximize their profits and properly remunerate their dairy farmers?. Scientia Agricola, v. 73, p. 51-61, 2016.
  4. ARCARI, MARCOS ANDRÉ ; MARTINS, CRISTIAN MARLON DE MAGALHÃES RODRIGUES ; TOMAZI, TIAGO ; Santos, Marcos Veiga dos . Effect of the ensiling time of hydrated ground corn on silage composition and in situ starch degradability. BRAZILIAN JOURNAL VETERINARY RES. AND ANIMAL SCIENCE, v. 53, p. 60-71, 2016.
  5. MIGLIANO, MARINA ELENA DINIZ AMARAL ; SILANO, CAMILA ; MARTINS, CRISTIAN MARLON DE MAGALHÃES RODRIGUES ; ARCARI, MARCOS ANDRÉ ; dos Santos, Marcos Veiga . Effect of dietary nitrogen source and crude protein content on nitrogen balance and lactating performance of dairy cows. BRAZILIAN JOURNAL VETERINARY RES. AND ANIMAL SCIENCE, v. 53, p. 72-87, 2016.
  6. GONÇALVES, JULIANO LEONEL ; TOMAZI, TIAGO ; BARREIRO, JULIANA REGINA ; BEURON, DANIELE CRISTINE ; ARCARI, MARCOS ANDRÉ ; LEE, SARAH HWA IN ; ARAÚJO Jr, J. P. ; SANTOS, M. V. . Effects of bovine subclinical mastitis caused by Corynebacterium spp. on somatic cell count, milk yield and composition by comparing contralateral quarters. The Veterinary Journal (London, England. 1997), v. 209, p. 87-92, 2016.
  7. ARCARI, M. A. ; MARTINS, C. M. M. R. ; TOMAZI, T. ; GONÇALVES, J. L. ; SANTOS, M. V. . Effect of substituting dry corn with rehydrated ensiled corn on dairy cow milk yield and nutrient digestibility.. Animal Feed Science and Technology (Print), v. 221, p. 167-173, 2016.

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